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Brisbane Fashion Month 2017 saw an array of fashion creatives come together to showcase their best designs.

My inspiration often comes from my love of crazy and clashing colours mixed with the 60’s Pop Art Movement and my fascination with consumerism and my generations obsessive tendencies in regard to technology and online platforms.

From designers, illustrators, stylists and photographers – there was an impressive line up of talent recognised and celebrated.

I sat on the judging panel alongside Meredith Mc Master, Sarah Timmerman and Andrzej Pytel.

Unlike my inspiration, my design aesthetic is fairly straight forward.

I love to use bold colours, creative contrasts, typography, exciting textures and exaggerated silhouettes that challenge the ‘norms’ of fashion design and that also explore challenging concepts.

Our obsessive tendencies have turned us into techno addicts who have been branded by consumption.

My aim is to draw attention to the idea that we have become products of society through very quirky, silhouette driven, pop art garments.

However I am a huge fan-girl of Solange Knowles and really admire her unique style and bold taste, so she would definitely be a dream client for me for sure and is the personality I have in mind for my next collection.

I really do feel that despite it being sometimes looked down at, Brisbane does have an exciting, up and coming fashion scene which I am honoured to be a part of.

For my next collection, I will and have done more thorough research into the ‘technical’ habits of today’s world and will try to draw out deeper messages and more complex ideas.

Overall, I want my audience to appreciate my collections for either the surface worth through the colourful and quirky aesthetics or really stop and take a step back to understand the underlining message/s throughout.

I myself 98% of the time wear all black with a bold lip and I sometimes think perhaps I should design a collection based on my own personal style but I just can’t tear myself away from colour- I’m seriously drawn to it when I’m designing and I often end up with creations that are so out there and bold but are pieces I’m really proud of.

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